Post image for Change the World & Make Yourself Naturally Happier with 1 Little Book

Instead of waiting until you ‘have more time’ or ‘have more money’ you can do simple daily actions that help you change the world while also benefiting yourself with feeling happier every day. How? Shortly after writing my kindness article, Elliot and I stumbled upon a book to help each of us change the world […]

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Post image for 13 Life Lessons Learned from My i-to-i Travel Experience

(Photo: Brazilian Favela Recife, Brazil) In this article, I provide some insights in the form of life lessons I learned from my travel experiences. Travel to me is a vital component of living a fulfilling life experiencing the world. You probably know someone who has spoken about having a travel experience. It might be you, […]

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Post image for Kindness: The Fantastic Natural Drug

(Photo Copyright Terrah Lozano – Santa Fe, NM USA Small random acts of kindness go a long way. But how? There have been studies done that show both the giver and recipient of kindness feel emotions of happiness and naturally have elevated seratonin levels. (Of course, you can also achieve the same effects with drugs […]

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