Terrah Lozano


Terrah Lozano

Photo Copyright Elliot Lozano, Charleston, SC USA

The People Behind InspirationTheRide.com:

InspirationTheRide.com is co-founded and co-authored by Terrah Lozano and Elliot Lozano. We have blended together our unique personalities to create this site, giving our unique perspectives and experiences with our individual interests.

Terrah Lozano:

Hi! I am Terrah. I am honored to have you here!

I am a writer, photographer, world traveler, entrepreneur, activist, and aspiring yogini who is passionate about personal development, spirituality, and helping others.

I always wanted to experience things, be different in my own right and be a nonconformist. My love for writing started at a young age with poetry then moved on to enjoy travel writing while on my travels. Writing clears my mind and allows me to see things in a new light. I have traveled to 20+ countries and plan to continue on to many more very soon. I support organizations and causes such as ONE.org, UNICEF, Alliance For a New Humanity, Live Earth, and Save Darfur.

My dharma or purpose in life is to love with empathy and compassion, create awareness and inspiration, and to promote a higher consciousness. My mission is to show the beauty and love that exists in the world through my writing and photography. “Beauty is truth, truth beauty”-John Keats. There is beauty in everything. By focusing on the positive and inspiring sides of humanity, I promote a higher consciousness, inspire myself and others, and educate on human issues through my writing and photos. My life’s work is to capture and share the world through my voice and my eyes.

Other Facts about me:

Status: Happily Married to Elliot Lozano

Interests/Activities: traveling, writing, reading, generating ideas, practicing yoga, hiking, cultures, films, Japanese bath houses, cooking, meditating, drinking wine, learning languages, wellness, green and poverty issues

Great Films and Books: See the marketplace for recommended films and books (and much more)

Music: World Music, Reggae, Rock, too many genres, let alone artists to name!

Fave Quotes:

“Let the world change you, and you can change the world.” – Motorcycle Diaries

“All the bibles, jesuses, gurus, poets, and artists have ever said to people is that this minute is the one that counts; not tomorrow or yesterday. That’s the whole game. There’s no other time but the present. Anything else is a waste of time.” –John Lennon

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