Gratitude for’s Healthy Start (with Data)

by Elliot Lozano

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Expressing gratitude is very important to us here at, so much so that we have a dedicated Gratitude Page.

We wanted to take a moment to express our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to all our existing (and future) fans and readers. Thank you for making the launch of a success!

We launched on August 21, 2009. We poured our hearts and souls into this project and we didn’t know what to expect once we launched.

We exposed ourselves on the world stage and the world stage reception has been phenomenal.

We have had visitors from 36 countries and territories from around the world!

We’ve had people tell us the website has literally changed their lives and has come to them at the perfect time. This seemed too good to be true at first to us but after hearing it a few more times it sunk in.

We are grateful that we’ve been received with such open arms to the worldwide community.

The Google Analytics Data:

Being about two and a half months young and new to the scene we wanted to share some comparison data up to this point on how has been received around the world. We wanted to provide the Google Analytics data to show the numbers in a measurable way.

For an analogy to best explain the Google data, we compare it to that of a standardized test taken in many countries through their education systems. In this standardized test you are typically compared to others against an average percentile or benchmark.

Google Analytics provides similar benchmarking data. In this data, is categorized under ‘Lifestyles’ in the sub-group ‘Self-Help & Motivational’ sites, which is an extremely competitive category.

These ‘Self-Help & Motivational’ sites we are compared to are of similar size and similar age based on visits. (For more information and to clarify, please visit the Google Analytics information pages – What does sites of similar size mean? & How many sites are in each category?

In essence, Google’s data is a good benchmark for comparison because they have data from a minimum of “100 sites to hundreds of thousands of websites per category“. The more data you can compare yourself against the better.

Based on the benchmarking data of similar sites, should have a very low visitor count up to this point because we are still so new.

However, when compared to sites of similar size and age, we are blowing the benchmark out of the water!

Here is a quick rundown of some key data and what it means. This data is from the time frame August 21, 2009 up to November 9, 2009:

  • Total Visits:
    • The total visits we have had are 460.83% or 4.6 times the visits compared to the benchmark with an average of 1.5 visits per visitor on our site.
    • The high visit percentage so early in the life of the site means word of mouth is spreading about
    • The 1.5 visits per visitor means lots of regular returning visitors in addition to new visitors.
  • Avg. Time on Site:
    • The average time spent on site is 829.71% or 8.3 times the benchmark.
    • In real numbers, the average benchmark time on site is 24 seconds. Our average time on site is 3 minutes and 45 seconds.
    • Wow! This means our readers enjoy spending time on the site. (The longest time people have spent on the site is over 30 minutes!)
  • Total Pageviews:
    • The total pageviews for our site are 687.34% or 6.9 times higher than the benchmark with an average of 2.68 pages viewed per visit on our site.
    • This means visitors are viewing and enjoying the content and going deeper into the many pages of the website.

We are so grateful for our current and future fans and readers, and we hope to continue on this inspirational ride for a while.

Please continue to spread the word by sharing and telling your friends and family about the site. There are multiple ways to connect with and share including:

Thank you for your continued support of!


Terrah and Elliot

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