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Post image for Expressing Gratitude, Embracing Uncertainty & Seizing the Day: Reflections on My Birthday

(Photo Copyright Terrah Lozano, ‘Sand Dune’ Jericoacoara, Brazil) Expressing Gratitude I am grateful for everything that has come into my life during these 27 years on this earth. Everything that has happened to me has shaped me into the person I have become and am becoming. I am grateful to my wife, family, friends, and […]

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Post image for How Do You Eat an Elephant? (Dealing with Information Overload)

(Photo Copyright Terrah Lozano) Answer – One bite at a time… To take control of your life you must take that first bite out of that huge elephant called information and action. Everyone faces similar obstacles on how to digest and implement the gauntlet of new information and ideas that we are constantly exposed to […]

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Post image for Destined for Greatness – A Story on the Importance of Learning How to Learn

(Photo Copyright Terrah Lozano – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) Before I get into the heart of this post, I wanted to provide you with a compelling reason for reading this article. I mean, Why should you listen to what I have to say? Why I am telling this story? Why does this matter to you? […]

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