Wayne Dyer’s Power of Intention – A Book that Can Change Your Life

by Terrah & Elliot

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We can either learn through the school of hard knocks or we can learn easier through the wisdom of others that we in turn implement and try out for ourselves.

On this site, we aim to save you time and help you avoid the school of hard knocks by providing condensed and relevant wisdom from our research and experience for you to study and implement into your life. (This is the same thing we have been doing with our families for years.)

One such source of wisdom is Wayne Dyer’s Power of Intention book in which he researched “hundreds of books by psychological, sociological, and spiritual writers; ancient and modern scholars; and academic researchers.” Wayne Dyer, Power of Intention

He condensed hundreds of books into his Power of Intention Manual. Something I am sure none of us have had the time to do.

Wayne Dyer’s Power of Intention is much improved over his previous book on this topic called Manifest Your Destiny. Manifest Your Destiny was written to be a more tight and concise manual for manifesting and it comes off more text-book like than a good book (although it still is a good book).

In this definition, your manifestations and intentions mean the same thing.

The first time we read Manifest Your Destiny it blew our minds because the language was so tight and direct and it was foreign to us. It took us reviewing the text a couple of times and listening to it a couple more times before we fully applied the principles.

We began meditating, thinking of our intentions and everything else the book suggested but we felt we were still missing something.

This brought us to Wayne Dyer’s Power of Intention which was a reading that had a lot more examples and a lot more research. (We actually bought our fathers this book for Father’s Day. We hope it serves them well.)

Wayne Dyer’s research and own personal evolution from our programmed consciousness led to his definition of intention coming from a quote he read from Carlos Castaneda that states,

“Intent is a force that exists in the universe. When sorcerers (those who live of the Source) beckon intent, it comes to them and sets up the path for attainment, which means that sorcerers always accomplish what they set out to do.”

“Imagine that intention is not something you do, but rather a force that exists in the universe as an invisible field of energy!” – Wayne Dyer, Power of Intention.

"Power of Intention" by Wayne Dyer

"Power of Intention" by Wayne Dyer

This invisible field of energy is the universe around us. It is God, Allah, Buddha, Krishna, Rah, and the list for its name goes on and on.

The universe is abundance. If you are connected, everything will come to you through the universe as you desire.

Even if you wish to be desire less, this is a desire!

By simply being in the present moment and being appreciative of what we currently have, we are able to intend whatever our heart desires because we are connected to spirit, or inspired.

If you allow it, this inspiration can lead you down the path to your desires and the creation of the life you want. However, the problem is that most people will let that glimmer of hope die day after day until finally the end of their life comes and they feel they did not accomplish anything.

Wayne Dyer has written a well-researched manual of the Power of Intention that we hope you will read to your own benefit and manifest whatever your desires may be.

We hope this book provides distilled and relevant knowledge that is easier for you to take and implement into your life.

We hope you found this information valuable and it helps you create the life you choose.

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